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We Value Your Drive in Getting Customers What They Seek

Maqam Umrah is a global B2B online booking system that caters to travel partners providing travel packages, connecting transportation, GSA of hotels in Makkah& Madinah and many other services concerned with Hajj and Umrah. Please use our resources for top-class hotel accommodation in Madinah and hotel accommodation for pilgrims in Makkah. Giving your clients this wide variety of choices and packages makes yourample choices, all made possible with our assistance.

As a corporate travel agent, we understand how you strive to provide your pilgrim customers with the best possible deals, budget hotels in Makkah, genuine prices, and services while they enjoy their time at theholy sites of Islam. We are here for exactly that. Our search engine will locate the right hotels, suitable transport options, and everything “right” to make your and your client’s experience much more fruitful.

We save you time and energy by offering you every notable serviceincluding best Makkah hotels, visa services, various additional choices to make the travelers’ journeys smooth, local transportation from site to site, and much more.

Hajj and Umrah pilgrimage is an essential part of adevoted Muslim’s life. As a travel agent, you can influence this experience positively in numerous ways. By relying on us for our best and affordable corporate solutions for luxury accommodation in Makkah and Madinah, all-inclusive services, miscellaneous additions, connecting private and public transportation, and other essential things, you make a wiser choice that benefits everyone.

Pilgrims Deserve the Best, and That is Why We Are Here

Accommodate your pilgrim clients’ needs by finding for them anything from the most sought after affordable three-star hotels in Madinah, to world-class luxury hotels in Makkahet al according to their budgets. Build a packaged portfolio by offering various accommodations, sightseeing options, and miscellaneous services to stay on your game. Handpickbest suitableHotels in Madinah for your clients; after all, they deserve this specialty of hospitality on their pilgrimage.

Hassle-Free Local Transportation Services

We are here to offer you exclusive local transportation services in Makkah and Madinah for the ease of your pilgrim travellers. Maqam Umrah lets you browse various ways to provide your fellow pilgrim clients with good quality private transportation in Makkah or publically accommodative transport services, whichever preferred.

You can also get hold of luxury buses for Umrah & Hajj in Makkah and Madinah to cater to an even more significant number of pilgrims. Cater to your clients in the best possible way by relying on our search resources. You deserve the best to be able to give the best to your esteemed clients.

Everything from Visa Services to the Most Suitable Accommodation Options

Maqam Umrah handles everything from Umrah Visa Services for Makkah in Saudi Arabia to affordable, budget-friendly accommodation solutions. Count on us for lightning-fast results that get your tasks done on time. Please use our Makkah and Madinah hotels’representation features for a smoother search for your clients’ stay. Create a robust package offering page that your clients can make the most of. Secure the best package deals by contacting the hotel management in Madinah directly.

We at Maqam Umrah are the best ground-handling agency in Makkah &Madinah,you can trust us for all your Hajj and Umrah package requirements. With intensive hotel pre-presentation in Makkah at your fingertips at all times, you will have the smoothest experience in setting up your travel business to the holy sites of Islam.